Simple, tactile and multi sensory, Table Time is designed to engage your child’s brain while having fun!

Table Time is the flagship program for our in-home early literacy tutoring. It is intentionally designed to create a special space for your child to learn, according to their unique style, using games and activities. While having fun in the comfort of home, your child will be developing the reading skills necessary for learning.

For 12 sessions, we “set the table” using our Table Time Tablecloth, in a distraction free location in your home. Every time your child helps to “set the table” they will begin the session with confidence and eager anticipation for success. Table Time is a unique time for your child. It is simple, tactile and multi sensory, purposefully designed to engage all parts of the brain.

Using information from your child’s classroom teacher (IRIP - Individualized Reading Instruction Plan, progress reports and report cards) along with an additional in depth assessment from the Qualitative Reading Inventory that we administer on the initial visit, we design your child’s unique Table Time program.

Our one-on-one approach is designed to focus attention on your child’s strengths and areas of concern. Early and emerging readers often have needs that get in the way of learning in small group settings. Perhaps your child is shy and hesitant to ask the teacher questions. Or maybe your child is active and impulsive, telling you they understand, but you know they are confused.

With our combined 50 years of experience working directly with children, we know the optimal learning conditions to support your child’s focused attention. This intentional environment will maximize your child’s learning experience:

  • Sessions begin on time

  • The area is free from distractions from screens, siblings, pets and food

  • A responsible adult is present in the home

Table Time is a journey we take together. Your child is an active participant, with decision making opportunities. With our guidance, your child will set intentions and goals for the session, decide on the order of activities, choose the rewards and engage in self reflection at the end of the session. Through your child’s active role in Table Time, he or she will feel invested in learning to read.

Though not necessary, parents are invited to quietly observe during Table Time.

We also understand the value of collaboration of those who care for your child. We understand that parents, caregivers and classroom teachers have insights to offer about each child. Because this information is invaluable to the literacy development of emerging and young readers, our staff will reach out to your child’s teacher, as well as meet with you periodically.

Our intent is that we all share in the joy of each child’s reading success!