Initial Consultation and Assessment


Our initial in home consultation is an opportunity to meet and discuss your child’s needs. Information such as an IRIP (Individual Reading Improvement Plan) issued by the school, and other teacher communications (report cards, progress reports) are central pieces to understanding your child’s literacy acquisition.

Our staff will administer the Qualitative Reading Inventory to your child during this visit. The QRI is an informal test (your child will read a few word lists and a few short stories) and it is researched based, providing an authentic assessment of your child’s reading abilities. The information gained from the QRI is invaluable to creating our Table Time activities. We will be happy to share the results of the QRI with you.

12 session Table Time


Our 12 session Table Time is purposefully planned to allow enough time for your child to become familiar with the process and activities and to acquire skills and strategies that will positively impact learning. Whether you choose to schedule your child’s sessions twice a week for 6 weeks or once a week for 12 weeks, the 12 sessions will provide adequate time for literacy growth that can last a life time. Sessions are fixed for the 12 weeks, and can be scheduled after school, early evenings or weekend mornings, upon availability.

Looking ahead to summer, prevent the predictable summer learning loss by scheduling your Table Time sessions now.

Payment Details

All services are prepaid. For your convenience, all payments are made through PayPal.Me/readtosucceed